The Girl in the Song





ISBN 978-1-4143-7863-3

Some will recognise the middle name of this lady author.  Her father is Jim Cymbala of Brooklyn Tabernacle New York and has mentioned, from the parental point of view, the things his daughter Chrissy has written of here.  For a season, because of the course she took, her parents would not allow her into the house.  But God used all that to the good in the longer term, the pain for them and for her.  Long on the pathway of her obsessions with fashion and a young man by whom she had a child, and a little short on God’s rich grace to her as she came to the Lord, returned to her family and church this is nevertheless a book honestly written, it carries you along in the story and does magnify God’s gracious ways with us all.  For some, the fact that she was a famous pastors daughter, had many privileges thereby, is gifted musically and came from a praying church will detach her from the realities of lostness that they may face.  So many who have no such benefits, but were raised in bad homes, pursued a pathway that has led to ruin and hopelessness and have no church and help to hand can benefit from reading this book though.  I know we live in a time, when testimonies are glamorised, especially in the USA but the note of genuineness is present through this book.  It is not an attention seeking production.  Those looking for great Bible words like rebellion, sin, repentance and forgiveness will scarcely find them here, but underneath they are present.  The story is one of God’s mercies to a foolish young woman who was possibly over indulged and cosseted in church life.  And who among us has not been foolish and strayed most terribly from the Lover of our souls?  So, we can all read this book, be blessed and encouraged at the goodness of God and rejoice when we hear that this lady and her husband are involved in church ministry in another city of the USA.  

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