Nine O’Clock in the Morning





ISBN 0-88270-629-2

First published in 1970 this book is still in print.  It records the moving of God, especially that which took place through the ministry of the author, an Episcopalian Minister.  He was in the vanguard of that move that became known later as the ‘charismatic movement.’   These chapters document his own experiences through eleven years from 1959 through 1970.  In those days, simultaneously, in various parts of the world, God was pouring out His Spirit.  Many passed into an experience known as the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and as this book records, this involved speaking with other tongues and other gifts.  Spiritual renewal was at the heart of what took place in those days.  Much now called ‘the charismatic movement’ had its beginnings at that time.  It is good to read this account because it brings us back to the good roots of what has become somewhat jaded in some quarters and also that which has dressed itself up in garish colours to cover its nakedness.  How little we hear the proper use of tongues nowadays, with interpretation and prophecy and genuine healing, especially in the ‘charismatic’ churches of today.  Lots of noise perhaps, even some excitement, but so often lacking the freshness and vitality that was evidently present in both Van Nuys California and St Lukes, Seattle, the places where Dennis Bennett had a settled ministry and the latter, the place from which he frequently took journeys to visit many lands spreading the message of spiritual renewal.  Many in the churches of today ought to read this book and those who read it years ago need to reread it.  It is all part of recent church history, but, to understand what is today, reading what occurred in those days will educate, challenge and even rebuke the honest seeker after God and His best.  That the churches of today need such a refreshing is undeniable.  The spontaneity, freshness and gracious dealings of the Lord, His delivering and transforming power is not so commonly seen today.  There must be times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord and perhaps this book will be a small help to stir the spiritual desire so necessary to even the first beginnings of such outpourings.  Dennis Bennett lost his first wife during the season of blessing in the 1960’s.  She was in her forties, he remarried some years later and he himself passed away in 1991 at the age of seventy-four, his race run and work done.  

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