A Great Mystery



ISBN 1-59128-037-0

This book is comprised of fourteen short wedding sermons delivered by the author over a period of about two years just after the new millennium rolled in.  In a time when marriage seems to be a decaying institution and is being replaced by all sorts of shallow alternatives and on occasions, by alliances that are utterly destructive of human society these sermons call us back to Biblical Marriage rooted in the Trinitarian Life of God.  They make for thoughtful and interesting reading.  

In each the author approaches his subject both theologically and, at times, employing images that are challenging and thought provoking.  He is not afraid to speak of human sexuality and its place in marriage and in so helpfully presenting what marriage should really be, he debunks the alternatives without employing outright criticism.  Because the author is a churchman as well as pastor and theologian he connects marriage with salvation, church, the coming of the Lord and the sacraments.  Some will find his approach at times a little obscure, especially those who like a straightforward approach.  This man makes you think, and think deeply.  Most of the sermons are only about six pages long, it does not take long to read one, but they should be honored with a serious pondering of their contents, and remember, the book is under one hundred pages.  There is plenty that is practical as regards marriage and family life to be found here.  Along with that come some trenchant and perceptive comments on the way so many couples live their lives in a subtle bondage to the cultural mores in the midst of which they live.  All in all, a great little book with some food for thought and preaching by other ministers also.

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