Into action


Publisher STL

ISBN 0-9038430161

Alas, this little book is no longer in print.  It is a small paperback and was written and published in 1979.  Charles Marsh was a missionary in Algeria for more than forty years and wrote this particular book at the age of 76 when he was still involved in a ministry dedicated to the teaching and training of young people toward missionary service.  After his so –called ‘retirement’ he continued to travel frequently in both Chad and Algeria especially endeavoring to help Christians learn how to reach Muslims for the Lord Jesus.  He did write a book on that subject with the title “Sharing Our Faith With Muslims”.  As you would expect from a man raised in the Brethren churches he was a man of the Word but also very much a man of the Holy Spirit.  Certainly his burden was not only to bring people to Christ but also to see churches of believers formed.  INTO ACTION is particularly directed toward young people. It is clear, concise, practical, and there is no waste of words.  The reader has the sense that he is listening to the writing and counsel of an older man who has a great affection for younger people and who desires to see them respond to God and His calling with all their hearts.  There is tenderness and firmness present throughout the book, he does not pull any punches nor weaken the message of what it means to truly be a Christian and to serve the Lord.  Here are some chapter headings to indicate the substance of what is to be found here.  Responding to the Call, Counting the Cost, Using the Holy Spirit’s Gifts, Giving a Relevant Message, Counseling Effectively, Overcoming Personal Handicaps, Experiencing Spiritual Renewal, Dealing with Depression.  There are not so many books around of this weight, grace and substance.  It is thoroughly realistic and far from idealistic.  How could it be otherwise from a man who had for many, many years served the Lord among the hardest of situations in the upland mountains of North Africa?  If you can find a copy then I would recommend that you buy it and read it and share it with others.  It is just the kind of book that could be used as a focus for a series of Bible Studies on the vital issues of serving the Lord and responding to His call.

Last modified: June 4, 2013

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