C.J. Mahaney, who edited this book, also wrote one of its chapters and is the president of the Sovereign Grace Ministries and the various authors who have penned a chapter are also linked with this particular group of American churches.  Sovereign Grace churches are both Reformed and Charismatic in their doctrinal stance; some would say that this is a good mix.  Certainly this is a great little book and should be promoted enthusiastically to all church members.  The contributors handle their subject with wisdom and a pastoral concern that is extremely practical.  They are also not afraid to be specific, especially on matters that concern the particular forms that worldliness takes in the churches of the west.  A listing of the chapter titles will help to focus us as to the path traveled in the spiritual logic of the book.  It begins with “Is This Verse in Your Bible” referring to the words of the apostle John in his first letter where he says “love not the world, nor the things that are in the world.”   Following this opener there are four chapters which are entitled “God, My Heart, and Media; God, My Heart, and Music;  God, My Heart, and Stuff;  God, My Heart, and Clothes.”  The final chapters rounds off the book and is entitled “How to Love the World.”  Just examining those chapter headings will show the non legalistic approach pursued, the repetitive mention of God as being first in each title, then “my heart” second, note, not “my actions” but “my heart” from whence my actions flow.  The particular ground covered involves the other words in the titles, namely the media, music, possessions and clothes.   Everything is rounded off with a great chapter on the world and how to properly love it based on having a proper Christian worldview.  The editor has decided to add two appendices and their titles will provoke a response from us as we read them, “Modesty Heart Check” and “Considering Modesty on Your Wedding Day.”  

Suggested questions are added that mean this book could be well used as a basis for a series of discussions around this most vital subject. The slide into spiritual dullness evident in many church members can be linked to an incipient and subtle love of the world.  We have all a proneness to this and reading this short book will help bring the underlying issues into sharp clarity.  Praise God that this is available and we should use it as a gracious and persuasive cleansing agent in our lives and churches.   


Last modified: May 14, 2012

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