As indicated by the information above, this book is a slim volume privately published by the Remuda Foundation.  Established some years ago the foundation is focused upon treatment programs for young women struggling with Anorexia and Bulimia.  Its programs are mainly conducted on a ranch in Arizona, inpatient help is very much encouraged in many cases and young women come from many parts of the USA to find help.  Although the leaders of this work are Christians this book is not overtly Christian in its emphasis.  “A Handbook of Hope for Families” is the subtitle and the chapters revolve around the effects of these life threatening eating disorders upon various members of the family, mother, father and siblings as well as on the one living in the grip of the thing itself.  Several families are followed as they sought a way through these issues, their defeats and discoveries and victories are discussed and used as examples.  It is a helpful book but like others of its kind tends to promote the idea that only those who have great understanding of this subject, trained in the necessary expertise can possibly help the sufferer.  This is, without doubt a troubling element to those who have come to know Christ as the one from Whom all wisdom and power comes.  The idea of an elite group without whose skills deliverance is not possible smacks of a subtle priest craft not intended by the authors I am sure.  That they have themselves helped many, passed through trials in their own families all of which have helped to equip them with an understanding beyond that usually to be found is most certainly the case.  In many ways the book is sensitive to the pain and perplexity so present when these conditions come to a family, it also avoids the ‘blame’ game and this is commendable although by inference blame is present though not apportioned.  The book is insistent that parents must be excluded at certain points of the counseling process and that this can cause much shock and pain to them, the place of family gathering together to share in the healing at certain junctures is also expected though.  In the background throughout the book the place of faith in Christ is mooted but not explicit.  Probably, along with other writings on these most serious and painful of matters this book will be a pointer of help and direction. 

Last modified: May 14, 2012

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