A daily devotional life is vital for us all.  Regular reading of the scriptures built into our lives and a happy rhythm discovering God in His book attained essential for spiritual growth.  This renowned Bible Expositor prepared this commentary in order to assist in the pursuit of and orderly habit of daily Bible reading.  It is not meant to cover every verse of all the books of the Bible; in fact the Song of Solomon is left out completely; rather the intention of the author was to comment upon those chapters and sections of each book that unfolded the main message of God being revealed throughout history.  Meyer succeeds in this purpose very well.  It is easy to read, the language is succinct and to the point, gracious and tender too.  The comments are not overlong, they do draw out the main points of each passage in a way that will aid those beginning on the journey of discovering God’s ways as revealed in His Book.  There are overviews of each book presented where each is broken down into its main points and then a short introduction precedes the pithy comments on the major sections.  Anyone could purchase this commentary and make their way through the sections of their Bible reading this alongside and grow in the knowledge of the Lord.  The intention is to go from beginning to end and to focus on the connections of God’s purpose.  God’s book is not piecemeal and neither is this commentary, instead of allowing the reader to simply concentrate on a few favorite passages it encourages thoughtful and steady reading through using the brief notes the commentary provides.  Read prayerfully seeking the illumination of the Spirit of God and He will answer and slowly but surely understanding shall be given.  There are many busy people in the churches, they have little time for daily reading but I think this book will encourage them, assisting their appetite for the things of God.  God has given us the Bible, it is His love letter left to us and this godly aid to the reading of it is to be received and used with thankfulness. 

Last modified: May 14, 2012

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