Here is a marvelous introduction to the writings of the English Puritans.  They are arranged in daily readings, a page for a day.  It is a solid and mind stretching devotional book.  The men from whose writings these extracts have been edited lived between the years 1560 – 1710.  Their teachings, life-style and patience prevailed in difficult days of oppression.  Although often parodied in much literature so that the word ‘puritanical’ has become a use in common use, with its negative connotation, these men were joyful in difficulty and their writings breath a holy spirituality second to none.  It is almost certain that their example and godliness fueled the Great Awakening in America and propelled England into the Evangelical Revival in which the Wesley’s and Whitefield were instrumental.  They were rooted in the authority of the Bible and worked all things from the foundation of justification by faith and the covenantal framework of God’s grace.  Their lives were full of the reality of Christian Life, living in communion with the Triune God, established in Biblical Morality and lived their years as being pilgrims on this earth.  We live in days of spiritual decline and the church is in peril of also drinking of these worldly waters and the writings of the Puritans can be a great aid to concentrating heart and mind upon the things that really are the essence of Life in Christ.  These devotional readings are taken from the letters, sermons and books and are full of exhortation to faith and obedience.  This book includes a short introduction to the life and times of these men, the days of decadent kings in England as well as the commonwealth of Cromwell.  History was unfolding with much pressure upon those who upheld the truth of God and these men were not very successful as far as their desires for state reform were concerned.  Perhaps these circumstances helped them to focus upon the unchanging truth of God and His grace and to write the same.  They are famed for their skill with souls, they were pastors who would not conform to the mores of their time and this book will prove of great value to those who get it and read it day by day. 

Last modified: May 14, 2012

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